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• Hands free mold setting reduces risk of technician injury and liability
• Steel substrate effectively locates the mold in the press
• Resilient surface is tall enough to protect the platen even when molds are difficult to balance
• Resilient surface withstands all current processing temperatures of existing resins
• Purging’s do not adhere to the resilient surface
• Resilient surface color is easy to see even when lighting is compromised
• Machine platen will not be damaged from impact during mold setting

• Constant filing or stoning of machine platens as a result of ring strikes is eliminated
• Productivity is increased through improved setting procedure
• Reduced flash from nonparallel parting line faces
• Insert wear is minimized
• Completely retrofittable with existing standard rings

Protects your investments over their entire life cycle!

platenGUARD™ locating rings offer an unparalleled performance solution to the industry.

platenGUARD™ rings are a hybrid innovation engineered to both protect your valuable investments while also maximizing revenues

We currently offer two styles of platenGUARD™ rings: Commodity and Premium.  Both styles are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

platenGUARD™ rings will continue to perform their core function of properly locating the mold in the press even if the resilient material is catastrophically destroyed. The current iteration of this product will ultimately be rendered obsolete as market demand for platenGUARD™ proliferates and comes to instinctively be implemented as the preferred locating solution.


• Flat platens reduce flash from non-planer mounting of the mold halves; This  reduces associated   sampling cost and repairing flash that could be a result of a damaged platen and not the mold.

• Telescoping inserts that are fit with ZERO clearance (shut-off) come together as they were constructed on the surface plate reducing premature insert wear, stress,  and failure from opening and closing in a non-planer alignment

MOLD BUILD STANDARDS: Custom and Captive Injection Molders as well as OEM’s all have documented mold build standards. At this time, platenGUARD™ rings are being written into these established standards based on it’s merits as a genuine tooling solution which addresses important needs and deficiencies while at once incorporating multiple value added advantages.